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eCommerce and Christmas: the facts you can’t ignore

Date: 05/10/2015

You better not pout, because we’re telling you why to be ready for an eCommerce Christmas. Here’s 5 sets of facts that you should consider…


Elf eCommerce and Christmas: the facts you can’t ignore
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6 marketing ideas for accountants: making things add up

Date: 25/09/2015

You’re the unsung heroes who make a massive difference to thousands of UK businesses each year. You’re frequently the butt of jokes at social gatherings, but you take it in characteristically good humour. Accountants: today is all about you!

It’s about time that we looked at some marketing ideas that apply to more traditionally “white collar” businesses. And as accountancy firms provide a vital service for SMBs of all kinds, it makes sense to include you first.


Restaurant marketing ideas: content, social & more!

Date: 18/09/2015

You’ll no doubt be aware that the restaurant game is constantly changing. There are probably more ways than ever to attract new customers, but also more competition as well.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide for our beloved clients who are facing off against restaurant chains and supermarket meal deals. We hope you find something that will help you compete and succeed!


Restaurant marketing ideas
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How to improve your website for a good user experience

Date: 11/09/2015

If you take a look around our blog, then you’ll notice that we often focus on SEO. It makes a lot of sense, because if your website isn’t being found by customers, then it isn’t really doing you a whole lot of good!

You can have a beautifully designed site with stunning pictures, but if nobody sees them, they may as well be on your laptop hard drive. On the other hand, though; if you generate lots of traffic but your website visitors run screaming for the hills whenever they land on your home page, then you’re equally likely to lose money. That’s where UI and UX come in.