Some people play poker with their friends as a hobby while others hone in on their skillset and play online in their free time to try to make some extra money. But a small amount of skilled and adventurous individuals become poker experts and make the game their full-time job.

Many of us like to play poker socially and to take advantage of online poker bonuses to help us profit from our hobby online. But to become a professional poker player this takes dedication and in-depth knowledge of both the game and human Psychology. At this level, it is no good just sticking to your best hands and using the odd bluff to try to fool those around you. Knowing when to be aggressive and when to play more passively in this game is just the beginning for those turning professional.

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These 5 players below have perfected their poker strategies of years and in doing so managed to amass huge fortunes! While playing pro is clearly a competitive and difficult job to master, who wouldn’t love the thrill of making money from their favorite game for a living!


Erik Seidel – Live Poker & Online Poker Guru No.3

Erik Seidel is the most revered poker player on the planet amassing an incredible fortune of over $40,000. A legend of the Game, Erik Seidel at 59 years old is a true Veteran who starred in his first major tournament over 30 years ago. Erik entered the 1988 World Series of Poker and was runner up. The tournament finale was so dramatic that it ended up featured in the film ‘Rounders’ 10 years later! Despite being the richest poker player in the world this was the closest Erik came to winning the World Series of Poker. He has won 8 WSOP poker bracelets (only 5 players have won more than this) and reached the final table 35 times. Erik won the World Poker Tour in 2008 and has also won the European Poker Tour.

Prior to Poker Erik was a full-time trader on the American Stock Market where he was also very successful before deciding to move into Poker. While this clearly would have helped Erik start his career off in Poker his achievements in the game are incredible earning a grand total $34,600,000 of live tournament winnings.


Daniel Negreanu – Live Poker & Online Poker Guru No.2

Daniel started his poker career off in 1998 with a boom becoming the youngest World Series of Poker Bracelet winner in history taking home $169,460 and holding onto this record until 2004. Since then he has won another 5 World Series of Poker Bracelets and two World Poker Tour Titles. He is also the only player of all time to be named the World Series player of the year more than once earning the prestigious title in 2004 and again in 2013. This is probably something that prompted the Global Poker Index to rank Daniel as the best player of the decade.

During his illustrious playing career has earnt over $39,500,000 in prize money, this makes him the second biggest live tournament winner of all time.


Justin Bonomo – Live Poker & Online Poker Guru No.1

At only 33 years of age, it is safe to say Justin Bonomo is doing pretty well for himself!
He certainly started early playing online poker and later became the youngest pro poker player to be featured at a live televised event at only 19 years old.

Justin now has 3 World Series of Poker Bracelets winning his first in 2014 along with $449,980 but it was 2018 that was his most memorable year. Justin won event 16 taking home $185,965 and followed this up with the biggest win of his career. Justin entered the $1,000,000 buy-in One Drop event and came out on top giving him a further $10,000,000 in winnings. With this result, Justin overtook Daniel Negreanu to become the highest earning live poker player of all time with an incredible $42,979,591 in winnings.

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No state in America can boast the amount of beautiful and highly desirable big cities as California. The state is blessed with three great cities. San Francisco in the North, Los Angeles in Southern California and San Diego at the southern tip of the state.

Each city has its own treasures and reasons to love it. San Francisco is the state’s most cosmopolitan city attracting inhabitants and bi business from all over the world to set up their homes here. It is also the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Los Angeles has Hollywood which is the entertainment capital of the world. The movie and music stars live here and you can see them when you visit. San Diego is the quietest of the three but also boasts the best weather and perhaps nicest amenities for travelers. There is so much to do here that few who come are disappointed.

If you own a company and are thinking about having a company outing in San Diego, here are some great things to do in the city.

Take Your Group Sailing

How about taking your group on a beautiful ship that sails off the coast of San Diego?  If you are interested in a private charter cruise San Diego has a lovely sailing yacht called America for charter by companies for an afternoon. This 139 foot vessel holds up to 76 passengers and is an exact replica of The America that won the original America’s Cup boat race in 1851. This luxury sailboat offers corporations complete privacy and the perfect environment to have a wonderful corporate event no matter what the occasion.

Your team can take part in team building exercises as they help to commandeer the yacht and hoist and lower the sails. They will also spot whales off the boat as the Blue and grey whales migrate past San Diego throughout the year. You and your team can also have a world class dining experience aboard the America. Finally, the boat is completely licensed and fitted with an experienced crew and best of all “no sea sickness” is guaranteed.

Many people who take a corporate tour on the America come back on their own and do a San Diego harbor tour which can be done day or evening and includes meals and great sightseeing.

Del Mar

This city by the sea with the popular race track, is one of Northern San Diego County’s most popular beach communities. Companies can come here and find the perfect getaway location to have a corporate outing. There is access to the beach from several locations including right through the heart of town. If you want to do something outdoors with your group, there are hiking trails and two parks in the city that overlook the water. There are great restaurants and bistros that invite groups to come and have some of the local seafood. And, there are many lovely hotels along the water with ballrooms and conference areas. Each reflects the mood of the city which is relaxation and calm. If you want your group to kick back a bit and leave their work cares at the office Del Mar is the perfect place.

San Diego offers companies great ways to get their teams together on retreats or corporate events. These are two of the best in the area.

It has got to that stage of the season where things are really heating up! The European Soccer Season is coming to an end as the top sides battle to win their domestic tournaments & establish Champions League and Europa tournament qualification. At the end of the spectrum those at the bottom desperately try to hang on and survive their relegation battles.  English football this season is particularly exciting with 4 of the last 8 teams remaining in the Champions League from England. There are two huge battles in the Premier League with Manchester City and Liverpool fighting for the title and then 4 teams battling for Champions League football next season. Here are 3 must watch games coming up this month that English Soccer Fans will be eager to place their bets on:

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Essential EPL Games For Online Sports Bets:


1. Manchester United Vs Manchester City 24/04

This is a huge game in the title race and poses a big dilemma for Manchester United Fans. On one hand they of course want to win their Derby against local Rivals Manchester City but they know that in doing so Manchester United will give their Arch-Rivals Liverpool a huge boost in the title race. Only one point separates Manchester City at the top of the table ahead of Liverpool at this moment in the season and the title remains up from grabs. Manchester United are also in a battle of their own trying to qualify for The Champions League. Down in 6th they 2 points behind both Arsenal & Chelsea and need all the points they can get!

What makes things even more complicated though is that after already winning the Carabao Cup, reaching the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup and the quarter finals of Champions League Manchester City are in contention to win the quadruple. This is something that has never been done before. Manchester United are the only English team to have ever one the treble that included the league, (Liverpool won the English Cup, League Cup and European Cup in 1983/84) this is a record they are very proud of and players & fans certainly would not wan’t Manchester City to be the ones to better their achievement. Also with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s recent appointment as manager he will be very keen to pick up a big win on his first local derby. At home at Old Trafford Manchester United have a good chance of picking up some points. So will Manchester United do their arch-rivals Liverpool a favour and get the win? Try your luck with online sports bets with PSH.

2. Liverpool Vs Chelsea 14/04

A Big One at the Top of the table sees Chelsea take on Liverpool at Anfield. The last time these two teams played each other back in September the game ended in a 1-1 draw. However if Liverpool want to keep the pressure on Manchester City they will desperately need a win here.

After Liverpool’s last minute winner at Tottenham last week this is the final game Liverpool will play against a top 6 side this season,. The game comes right before a difficult spell for City who will face both Tottenham and Manchester United shortly after.

Liverpool’s final showdown of the season comes against this seasons Giant Killers Wolverhampton Wanderers, but as far as April is concerned this is the big one!


3. Manchester City Vs Tottenham 20/04

Manchester City on current form will be favourites to beat Tottenham at home. The reverse fixture ended with the away side Manchester City winning 1-0 through a Riyad Mahrez Goal.

What makes things more interesting is that prior to this game to two sides meet in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League! In fact this will be the third game between to the two sides in 11 days. This comes at a part of Manchester City’s season which is particularly congested and after a two-legged Champions League tie one of these top teams will almost certainly be out for revenge. Manchester City’s quadruple hopes lies in their hands but 3 games against a top side like Tottenham will be a tough test! Spurs have their only problems to worry about as they look to hold onto a Champions League qualification position for next season which is absolutely vital after moving into their brand new 850 Million Pound Stadium.

There are many popular online games that one can play online, some are very easy to grasp whilst others can be a more challenging. Whether playing real life games or online games we all enjoy a bit of excitement! Now Let’s take a look at the most popular online casino games:


Real Money and Free Online Slots

Again Slots is a game of luck and takes a combination of persistence and daring to win. Players need to know when to step to away and when to keep playing which can only be learnt through experience. A good way is to make the most of free online slots with SlotsCalendar to get you started!

What is exciting about Slots is the mini games that you can play to really boost your winnings. It possible to win big when you hit the jackpot! Slots are one of the most popular games online and there are many different adaptations & themes that can be played which always increase people’s interest making it one of the most popular types of online games.

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In many people’s opinion Casino Style Roulette is pure gambling and is as certainly a great adrenaline fueled game. The amateur player can start of on black or red and the more experienced gambler can opt for the numbers. What is good about Roulette is that it is very easy to resemble a real casino environment when playing online and therefore people often choose to play at home. This is why Online roulette remains one of the most popular games, the combination of ease and excitement has contributed to this legendary game lasting the time.



Black-Jack, the legendary casino game is another of the most common played. It is a game of chance and wit. The best of players know when to hit and when to sit. There is some skill required in Black-Jack and you can play for as little or as long time as you want.



Poker is a game of skill and patience, which is why people love it. Many online games are reliant purely on luck but Poker is different in this way. Strategy plays a big part in Poker and while you it is less easy to spot when someone is bluffing than in person, people are still able to use phycology and aggressive or passive strategies in order to improve their odds. Low stake games generally attract less experienced players while high stake games often attracted more skilled players.

With online poker you can usually choose to play either a ‘cash game’ where you play with a certain amount of cash and can walk away at any time. Or tournaments, which can range from heads up one on one competitions, all the way to huge ‘Sit and Go’ Tournaments with thousands of players. With the ability to choose quick games or long potentially very rewarding tournaments people tend to enjoy poker and feel that they get their moneys worth of play whether they win or lose.

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Bingo used to be for older people right? Well not anymore! In fact online bingo, while not a traditional online casino game is the most popular online game for women of all ages. Many websites cater particularly to this audience with Bingo which is considered a light hearted game where you can enjoy playing and win some extra cash!

In operating your business, are you losing sleep worrying about how to get more money coming in? If you said you are, you join other small business owners with the same dilemma.

That said it is important to think about ways of generating more sales and revenue for your business.

With that being the case, how can you lessen your worries over money being a problem?


Take Stock of Your Company Finances

In your efforts to make sure money does not become an on-going problem, remember a few pointers:


Is it time to get a loan?

In the event you are struggling now with money, have you consider asking for help? If you go that route, you should go online to find out how to get a business loan. With the right loan in your back pocket, your small business can get back on more solid financial footing. When using the Internet to find such a loan, do your homework. You want to learn as much history about each loan provider you consider as possible. This will lessen the odds of ending up with someone not all that well suited to be your loan provider. From the company’s history to a track record of delivering loans, find the provider that can best help you. Make it a point to understand all the language involved with the loan too. The last thing you’d want would be any surprises that could hurt your finances.


Cutting back on debt

As important as a loan can be to get your small business back on its feet, never overlook debt. This begins with any notable credit card debt you have acquired over time. While it may not have seemed like such a big deal when you were using plastic to buy things, those charges add up. As such, you could be looking at large debt now. If you are, work to pay it down as quick as possible. Remember, interest charges can get rather high when you keep adding to your balance. It is also a good idea to look for deals when buying supplies and equipment for your operation. As an example, do you continue to deal with the same vendors for your respective needs or do you shop around? If not doing the latter, it would be wise to give it a try. In doing this, you can oftentimes land some deals along the way. Shopping around also allows you to pit vendors against one another. This is in a competitive manner that can be good for your business.


Benefit spending

If paying for health care, workers comp and more are you getting good prices? As in working with vendors, do your best to get good deals on your company’s insurance needs. This can save you money over the long run. It also frees up some of those funds to put towards other needs within your business.

If money has been a problem with your small business, don’t you think it is time to you got control of the matter?


What does a typical morning routine look and sound like to you?

For some women, it can be quite hectic to say the least.

With that in mind, are there steps you can and should be taking to lessen the morning routine?

Remember, getting your day off on the right foot can go a long way in making for a productive and satisfying day.

So, how to get your morning routine back on track?

Don’t Let Mornings Ruin Your Day

In your efforts to have a better start to the morning, keep these pointers in mind:

1. Preparation night before – One way to have your morning start right is by prepping for it the night before. As an example, you can get your work or school clothes out instead of trying to decide in the morning what to wear. You can also opt to make your lunch the night before. This saves you time in the morning having to be in and out of the refrigerator making your day’s lunch. If you have appointments set up for work, go over them the day before. This is so you are not scrambling the next morning trying to remember who you are meeting and at what time. By doing a little prep the night or day before, you are less likely to be frazzled in the morning.

2. Beautifying you – You want to look good for the working world or whatever world it is you will be taking on that day. With that being the case, make sure you have all the necessary products on hand for your morning routine. If you tend to take a lot of time getting your hair prepared before work or school, the right accessories are key. That said choosing one of the best hair dryers out there is a good idea. The right hair dryer can make your morning feel and look so much better. Doing your hair at home in the morning instead of trying to tend to it while driving makes sense. This is especially true from a safety standpoint. In avoiding having a bad hair day; have the right tools and time available to make your hair stand out.

3. Get a good breakfast – Even when ready for the day, not eating right can be bad throughout the morning. That said it is always a good idea to start your day off with a healthy meal. Having a nutritious breakfast gives you energy for the day ahead. If you somehow do not have time to eat that kind of meal at home, take it with you to the office or school. The main thing is that your system is properly fueled and ready to go.

4. Put stress in rear-view mirror – Last; don’t let stress get the better of you to begin your day. Too many people worry about what the day ahead holds for them. In doing this, they get their day off to a bad start. Think positive when you get up in the morning that today is going to be a good day no matter what the world throws at you.

If your morning routine tends to be a mess, is it not time to change this?

Whether you’ve been doing gaming for years or you are a newcomer, you want your experiences to be first-rate.

That said take the time to get the right system in place. Doing otherwise can make for a less than stellar experience each time out.

With that in mind, how good are your gaming experiences?

Use Internet to Help with Your Shopping

In trying to come up with the best gaming experience possible, turning to the Internet is always a good idea.

First, go online and review some of the gaming players in this ever-growing industry. Doing so will allow you to learn more about the different brands and which one might best suit your needs at home.

Second, be sure to try out different accessories before buying a gaming set.

For instance, the headset is one of the key features of any gaming experience. If you end up with a bad headset, it can take much if not all the fun out of playing.

With that being the case, shop around for a headset that delivers top-notch sound each time out. You could even put on a wish list for the holidays or your birthday the top technology gifts out there.

You might well end up with the best PS4 headset. If you do, it is definitely to your advantage when you begin to play.

Among options would be an Elite Pro 2 Headset + Superamp, Stealth 300 Headset and the Recon 200 Headset. When you have the right headset with which to work with, your gaming experience is 10 times better.

While online, see what other gamers say about their headsets and other accessories.

One way to do this is by going to social media.

Many gamers are apt to talk on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also find images from gamers on sites such as Instagram. By getting their two cents on headsets and other items, you could be closer to coming up with the top experience.

Is Your Home Set up for the Best Possible Gaming?

Along with the top accessories for a stellar experience, have the right surroundings.

So, is your home conducive to allowing for a good gaming experience?

If living with others, having a room you can escape to play your games is the better choice time and time again. Otherwise, you could find distractions hampering you when you go to play your games.

With that in mind, you may well want to escape to a family room or even the bedroom. In doing so, you can close a door and let the games begin.

For any kids in the home playing such games, make sure you have rules in place for them to abide by.

An example of this would be making sure they get their schoolwork done before being allowed to play. It also means knowing when to call it quits in the evening on a school night.

When investing some money into such games, you want to be sure your experience is the best possible.

Do your research, find a good place in the home to play, and let the games begin.

The excitement of enlarging your family comes with the panic of managing the budget to include the baby and their growing needs. Studies show that delivery and first year could run as high as a year’s salary, at about $32K. Moreover, it does not stop there. Being a parent means joggling with money for years to come. The only golden rule is “Think ahead and don’t panic”.

Budgeting basics

Even if the expenditures will rise exponentially and the income will fluctuate as well, sticking to tried and trusted budgeting rules would help you overcome most challenges. Don’t neglect savings even if sometimes stretching your income for that too seems a bit too much.

A simple strategy is to split your income in half. The first half goes towards mandatory payments including mortgage, food, and immediate expenses. The other half should cover your wants and savings. Try to redirect at least 15% towards savings. If you have any high-interest credits, like payday loans, do your best to eradicate those first.

Don’t stress if you need a bit more than half of your budget for immediate expenses that is totally fine for mid-income families with small children. Just be sure that you are tracking your expenses and not swiping the plastic without thinking about it.

Make tracking your finances a game with your spouse and reward your small victories.

Stick to financial priorities

Being new parents makes you dream about the future and motivates you to get the best for your child. However, saving for college while they are still playing with large wooden toys is not the smartest financial move. You will always find student loans, but there are no retirement loans available.

First thing first, set aside some cash, anything between $500-1,000 for unexpected emergencies and then define your financial roadmap following the next landmarks.

Retirement funds. Even if in your late twenties or early thirties you are not thinking about retirement you should set aside at least 10-15% of your income for this purpose. It might sound like a lot, but taking into consideration inflation and other negative financial influences it might be just enough. If your employer is offering a 401(k), IRA or another type of plan, be sure to take full advantage of it.

Pay off debt. Not all debt is bad, but that with an interest rate well over 15% should be checked off your list as soon as possible. Do your best to pay off and payday loans first. Then, try consolidating the remaining debt, if you have multiple student loans, you might get a better rate at a professional service like Crediful.

Think about the future

If you are left with a couple of spare dollars each month, you can think about college savings through a 529 plan a tax-free way of saving money which will also be tax-deferred if used for qualified higher education.

Downsize at least for a while

Having children can mean a hit for the budget, at least in the short term. Maternity leave or taking a break from work entirely can leave the family budget seriously skimmed. If enlarging your family is a planned event, try downsizing a few months in advance to get used to the new situation and avoid emotional stress caused by having less money. Also, you can use the extra cash to set up a fund for the parent who will stay at home.

The steps

If you have no idea about how expensive it is to be a parent, you can try this cost of the baby calculator. Of course, you should adjust those numbers according to your lifestyle and the cost of living in your area.

If it seems too high, think about ways to reduce the cost. First, add your child to one of your health insurance plans, you can never be too careful with healthcare expenses. Next, be practical and think about reducing unnecessary spending on clothes. Your child will outgrow them in months, so getting second hand is actually a wise idea. Reusing from older siblings is also an option.

You should not be ashamed to ask for necessary items at your baby shower. This includes many costs to first-time parents such as crib and stroller.

Sometimes as new parents, you just need more money. When that happens, you need to cut on some expenses and find new ways of enhancing your budget.  The stay-at-home parent can get a part-time job or a work-from-home gig on the Internet. The one who kept their job could ask for a raise. Together, you could decide on downgrading your car or cutting some expenses like a gym or other subscriptions you might not use in the immediate period.

Never be afraid to take advantage of your new status as a family. You will be amazed how many companies have products, services, and discounts explicitly designed for people just like you.

As much as we love football, and we’re not ashamed to admit that this is more than our wives would like, there are times when going out and playing or watching a game is just not on the cards. Whether through injury or cost, distance or weather, there can be an enormous amount of reasons that going out into the world for the real thing just can’t happen. With that in mind, we thought it would an interesting idea to look at a few alternatives.

They might not quite be the real thing, but you might be surprised at just how much some of these game stick with you. We know we were.

Bubble Football

Not the most seriously competitive alternative, but still one which we would recommend every time the opportunity presents itself. Players in this game are encased in the inflatable bubbles known as ZORBS, and otherwise, the rules are much the same. That is, except contact, which is not only permitted, but encouraged.

It can be a bit tricky to track down enough of these for full teams but, luckily, party rental services like Zorbing Hire will often have you covered. Great for parties and stag dos, we would never recommend combining this game with a few drinks, but we sure are thinking it loudly.

Car football

If you think bubble football was chaotic, then take a look at the Top Gear inspired game of car football.

Not for the faint of heart or light of wallet, this is a game which thrives on carnage, though, in this case, we do seriously recommend keeping any amount of liquor out of the equation. While there aren’t any strict rules to follow in this version of the game, as players can only really be expected to the best with whatever used car or flat-out junkers they have, it’s a very good idea to go dressed in safety gear before giving this a go.

Every group has a Steve, and Steve, as you well know, can hardly be trusted behind the wheel.

Rocket League

Going digital with this one, the now extremely popular game of Rocket League is essentially a digital version of car football, only with rockets. A lot cheaper than the real-life alternative, Rocket League is available over most major platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, with cross-play even allowing friends to compete over different devices. Though, it should be noted that the PlayStation version will not be playable in this way until early next year.

We hate to drone on, but we can’t really undersell the popularity of Rocket League, which even has considerable earnings to be made for skilled players in the eSports arena. Even major online betting services like Betway offer odds on major events, making this closer to real-life football fun than almost any alternative.


The name for this one really gives it away, as a combination of both football and beach volleyball. Footvolley was invented in Brazil by Octavio de Morales in 1965, according to the Footvolley website, and has remained popular ever since. Originally starting out as 5v5 game, over time, the skill of the players would become so great that this number had to be reduced to 2v2. It’s difficult to score if nobody ever makes a mistake, after all.

Played only with feet, Footvolley has spread to beach-cities all over the world, with many major events held in Portugal, Thailand, Greece, and beyond. Of course, playing this game requires not only a decent beach but also great weather, which can be more than a little tricky to find where we live. At least it could work well on a holiday.

Don’t Underestimate the Alternatives

Some of these might seem silly, but then that’s also the opinion which the uninformed or uneducated can have on football itself. Even as a spectator sport, we would recommend the likes of bubble and car football especially, as the amount of laughter on offer makes for a great night of watching with a few friends.

We can’t promise that success in any of these will give you the chops as being a real football star, but it’s enough to rub in your friend’s faces and, really, isn’t that enough?

In less than 15 years from now, retail as we know it, might no longer exist. The traditional brick and mortar stores where customers walk down the aisles picking out their goods will be the exception rather than the norm. With advances in technology and especially with the advent of online retailing, sites like Amazon have risen to fifth place in sales ranking, gradually displacing the conventional retail shops.

A recent article from Forbes magazine demonstrated that last year’s sales from physical retail outlets in the UK accounted for 91% of total revenue and there has been a growth of over 50% in the number of physical retail outlets. However, the undeniable evidence before us shows that online retailing is rapidly gaining the ground to eclipse the number of sales that are seen from physical retailers.

As of today, retail remains the single largest private sector employer in the UK, accounting for more than 1 in 10 people in the workforce. However with the advent of E-commerce, a major downsizing is going on in the traditional retail outlet and stores and retail giants such as Toys ‘R Us, have fallen under this onslaught. Surprisingly as these old giants fall, newer retail outlets are springing up to take their place.

Some would argue that the reason retail stores as we know them now may still be in existence years to come, is the customer experience and physical interaction they offer which cannot be found online. In actual fact, most of these newer outlets are combining physical shopping experiences with online shopping in a bid to keep up with current trends.

The phrase the customer is king has never been more apt as now, as newer technological trends such as AI are being used to monitor customer experience in both online and physical stores. For example, it can be used to find out which sections and products in a store customers naturally gravitate towards, with the intent to prioritize the stocking of these areas more popular goods and services.

Experts predict that the retail stores of the future will not be outlets for the displaying of physical goods for purchase, but media for advertisement and social interaction. Here, customers can go to immerse themselves in brand experiences and brands can gain useful insights from customer engagement. We’ve already seen Apple take big strides with implementing this concept.

The implementation of technology would lead to less physical purchasing of goods and instead offer customers the experience of immersion in virtual reality shopping. This might take the form of enabling them a variety of experiences from the comfort of their homes as good as or better than what they would have if they were shopping in a physical store.

In this era of digital revolution and technological advancement, the key to remaining relevant in the retail business is Innovation. Even with the proliferation of shop and retail insurance packages and other cushions targeted at ensuring that conventional retail businesses don‘t have to worry about failure, innovation is still vital. The intergration of technology and innovation into your existing business model is vital for survival.