They’re known to be fast and stylish, but are two-door cars really a practical fit for you and your family?

Whether you’re in the market for a bright red Jeep Wrangler, or a neutral beige two-door Honda Civic, it’s always best to do your research and consider both the pros and cons of owning a two-door vehicle.

Before you drive off into the sunset, let’s discuss three things you should think about before you even arrive at a car lot to start checking out any two doors.

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1. How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

Coupes are known to be more expensive than Sudan vehicles. There are many reasons why car makers may jack up the price on a coupe, three being production quantity, projected profit margin, and style.


Some coupes are specially made in fewer quantities than sedans. This makes them more valuable to the consumers since not as many people will have the same model of car that they have. Consumers love to feel as though they have something special and rare and will pay more for a vehicle as a result.

Projected Profit Margin

A car manufacturing company may not sell as many models of a coupe as they may sell of a Sudan, so in an effort to bridge the profit gap, prices can be raised for coupes.


Another reason a car manufacturing company may raise the price of a coupe is for the style. Two-door cars are very customizable, and the owners have a lot more freedom to be creative since there are fewer parts to work with. For this reason, customers are charged more simply for looks and convenience.

Pricier Insurance

In addition to thinking about the actual price of a coupe, you will want to consider which insurance company you will use for your car. Insurance for a two-door coupe can be a lot more expensive than insurance for a Sudan.

This is largely due to the price of a coupe’s parts. A two-door vehicle is often viewed as a sports car, and sports cars have pricier car parts.

For example, replacement parts for a Genesis coupe may cost more than replacement parts for a regular four-door Honda model.

This means, if you were ever in an accident, your insurance company would need to pay more to have your coupe fixed then it would need to pay if you had a traditional Sudan.

2. Family Size

Before purchasing a two-door vehicle, consider how far your investment will go and how much use you will get out of the car.

Coupes are great cars for teens to have as their first car or single bachelors and bachelorettes, but they aren’t great cars for married couples who plan to start a family.

If your family budget allows you to have both a family car and a “fun” car, then maybe a coupe is a great fit for you. However, family size is definitely something that needs to be thought about before making your final purchase.

3. Lifestyle

Before you consider purchasing a coupe, think about the lifestyle you plan to live. Coupes are great for travel if you love to take road trips, but also consider where your car will be when you are not traveling.

Research the crime rate in your area and make sure that you have a safe place to park your car when it isn’t in use. Two-door cars can be targeted by thieves because of their style and their price.

Ready for the Sporty Lifestyle Two Doors Provide?

Now go out there and start looking at some stylish two doors. Consider the points you’ve just read, and if a coupe fits your lifestyle enjoy your new purchase guilt-free.

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As an independent contract worker, you need to find ways to save money so your business runs easier. Everything from the way you set up your office, to the way you buy supplies, to the way you drive should be set up for the purpose of saving you money, so that you earn more profit. Many people become independent contractors because of the freedom to sink or swim based on their own choices. It can work out well, but it can also fail.

That being said, those who are creative in how they manage to get things done usually find solutions to many mundane problems such as obtaining a vehicle. There are several ways for both regular consumers and business consumers to buy automobiles: they can either finance, lease, purchase outright, or sign up for a car subscription service. All three options will get you a vehicle, but only one is the best option for contract workers.

The lives of contract workers are usually marked by busy times and… well, not so busy times. In other words, the money of a contract worker is not always consistent, and because of this, they need to find a way to save the most money on essential items, like cars.

Car subscription services like the ones offered at AUTO ONE Group are ideal for contract workers because a) they do not require them to pay taxes on the entire vehicle, b) they do it require them to use their own insurance, and c) subscriptions are flexible, meaning that you can re-evaluate your needs month to month.

As with a traditional, the option is usually open for you, the lessee, to purchase the vehicle if you desire to do so. However if you do not, subscription is still a flexible option as it allows you to exchange or renew your vehicle monthly.

A vehicle’s depreciation – that is, the rate at which is loses value upon leaving the lot – is something that also needs to be considered by anyone purchasing a vehicle. And the cost of gas, insurance, and repairs need to be factored as well when crunching the numbers on vehicle ownership. Car subscriptions (and leasing, for that matter) takes a lot of the guesswork and footwork out of such factors, as the dealership or car leasing company is still primarily responsible for the vehicle. Often times, insurance and repairs can be done in house.

There is also something to be said about presentation – the way in which you, as a contractor, need to present yourself in order to make a good impression. Purchasing a car requires you to keep it for longer than you would if you had leased or subscribed for it, which means that it can become obsolete. Car subscription services provide a solution, as you don’t pay as much for your vehicle, and you have the option to be flexible and upgrade or change your vehicle as the conditions of your work change.

You can drive a Porsche one month, while you’re out meeting prospective clients and employers, and drive a Civic the next. You may want to get a truck for more utility, or you may want to get a luxury vehicle to give the appearance of success; with car subscriptions, you can exchange or renew your vehicle monthly.

In short, car subscriptions are a godsend for contract workers. They save money, remain flexible enough to keep up with the precariousness of the work, and give you an opportunity to tailor your vehicle to your month-to-month needs.

If you are mulling over the thought of buying a used car or truck, you would not be alone.

For many consumers, buying a used vehicle makes sense on several different fronts.

From saving money to being able to be a little rougher on an older car or truck, going the used route can be a good decision.

With that being the case, are you eyeing a used car or truck in your near future?

What Kind of Car or Truck Are You Thinking Of?

In consider buying a used vehicle, you should note that there are going to be a fair amount of options out there for you.

That said it is important to educate yourself before you go and check out a car or truck. Remember, you do not want to end up buying a lemon that someone is trying to dump.

With that in mind, here are three reasons buying a used vehicle could work out for you:

1. Money – Although you still have to pay for a used auto like you would a new, one more times than not you can save money. Another advantage to an older vehicle is that you more times than not, won’t be looking at a monthly payment. For some, a new vehicle and its monthly payments can put them in a precarious financial situation. Buying an older auto tends to mean your insurance and registration will not be as expensive as new one. Even with money playing a factor in your decision, research any auto you have interest in. One of the best ways to go about this is in doing a license plate search. That search will allow you to gain some pertinent details about the vehicle in question. From any previous accidents to its actual mileage, learn as much as you can for what may be yours sooner than later.

2. Care – Although you always want to do whatever it takes to care for your vehicle, an older one gives you more leeway. This is due to the fact you can be a little less worried about a few scratches or minor dents on a used vehicle. When you have something brand new, you are more apt to worry if it gets the smallest of scratches or dents. Although you want to take steps in becoming a safe driver, the pressure is a little less intense with an older auto.

3. Flexibility – Last, if you are one who tends not to keep vehicles for too long, a used one could be the right answer. Instead of being locked into a long monthly payment with a new auto, a used one you buy with cash means flexibility. In doing this, you can scratch your itch every few years in buying another car or truck.

Should buying a used vehicle be on your radar, take the time to find the right one and at the right price.

When you do, you are more apt to drive away with the vehicle best suited for your needs.

Cars are no longer simply vehicles which take us from point A to point B and much like everything else in the world, they have been heavily influenced by the incredible modern technology which have at our fingertips. Whilst many newer cars do come with a wide range of in-car tech which help us to drive safer and be more entertained whilst driving, there are still a great many gadgets on the market which you can find to really enhance your driving experience. If you want to give your car an injection of tech, here are some of the coolest products out there.

Bestek Jump Starter

Jumper cables have been the savior of many a motorist over the years, but they do have a certain downside… you will need two cars for them to work. This of course is not so handy when you are in the back-of-beyond without another car in sight, this is why the Bestek jump starter makes for the perfect solution. This self-powered device can be charged up and used whenever necessary to boost your engine, it features 2 USB ports to charge devices, and a flashlight to help you see what you are doing.

Ztylus Stinger

Nobody wants to contemplate having a car accident, but as they say, being prepared is half the victory. This handy device is designed to smash windows should you find yourself trapped inside after a collision. This gadget simply needs to be applied to the glass, and then upon pushing a button it will send a short, sharp blast of power to the tip, shattering the window and freeing you. The product also features a retractable blade to cut through the seatbelt, a true lifesaver.

Fobo Tire Plus

Deflated tires will ensure that the tires degrade faster, that you use a lot more gas, and that your turning and braking abilities will be significantly lowered. To avoid this, use the Fobo Tire Plus, a small air gauge, which regularly monitors the levels in the tires. The gadget connects to your phone via bluetooth and will regularly update you when you need to refill.



Sometimes gadgets are just for the fun of it and this is why we love the Handspresso, a coffee maker which is designed for in-car use. Rushing out the house often means we miss our morning cup of Joe, but not anymore. Simply add an ESE coffee pod or throw in your own grind, plug the handy piece into the cigarette lighter and let the coffee brew as you make your way to work, completely unnecessary, but very cool.

Garmin Head Up Display

Garmin make so many great pics of car tech and our favorite is this head up display, which simply makes driving easier. Instead of peeking below the wheel to see how fast you are going or how much gas you have, you can simply avert your gaze slightly and see it in digital display on the windscreen. Most cars are designed well in the regard, until you change the seating position however, then it can cause a problem. The Garmin unit is sleek and not noticeable on the dash whilst the digital projection can be seen day and night, with absolute clarity.

What are your favorite pieces of car tech? Have we missed any out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.