One of the most important things about feeling comfortable at home is having good lighting. That’s one of the main reasons why lighting design is such a hot topic recently. Nobody brings out the best features of any room better than good lights. There are a lot of ways to improve your lighting at home or at work, and it really does make a difference.

Keep scale in mind

One of the first and foremost rules of lighting is that there is no one-size-fits-all light. That means you can’t use the same type and strength of light in all rooms. Sometimes, you just want smaller table lamps; other times, you need a large chandelier. Smaller rooms go much better with smaller, yet tactically placed sources of light, while large rooms generally require a centerpiece. Keep that in mind when you’re figuring out how to improve the light quality at home.

Dimmers work wonders

Having a dimmer to change the mood and tone of the room makes an enormous difference. What was before a vibrant and bright living room can easily become a moody room that exudes ambiance. Besides, if you spend plenty of time in a single room, you won’t want the lighting to be constant. It should adapt to the time of day, and dimmers are a great way to achieve that.

Pick the right shade

Window shades play an important role in how people perceive the mood of your room. If your room has a lot sunlight during the day, consider using different colored shades. White shades are great if you want to have more light in, but they can sometimes add a cold feeling to your room. To contrast that, colored shades will tint the light, and they will slightly darken the room, but add a warmer and creamier feel to the room.

Light dark corners

Small utility lights are often underutilized in the home. Most homes have a lot of corners that aren’t properly lit, which is why a lot of rooms might feel cramped and smaller than they actually are. Lighting these dark spots will often make the room feel bigger and add even more beauty to the space around the lights. This goes for different parts of the home as well, like closets, kitchen counters, cupboards, and shelves.

Replace old lights

If you live in an older home, chances are you have a lot of old fixtures. Truth is, just a couple of decades ago, thinking about light as a natural part of design just wasn’t part of the equation. So a lot of these old fixtures might be functional, in a way, but don’t really bring out the best of the room. Consider replacing them, and you’ll immediately notice just how beautiful a room can be.

Light is one of the most important parts of the home. Without good lighting, you won’t feel comfortable, productive, or simply at home. Good lighting really does work wonders, and it’s something every home should have.

There are several options for wood flooring today that deserve consideration when you are looking to purchase a new wood floor. You can select from hardwoods like Merbau, Oak, or Cherry, that have great durability and last a very long time, or softwoods like Spruce or Cedar that have a bit of a spring and look beautiful. These woods are collectively known as solid wood flooring because they are made from wood directly as it comes from the tree.

If you choose either of these woods, there is a downside in that they are tough to maintain and can damage easily. For those looking to have the beauty and durability of wood flooring another option that might be better than either hard or softwood is engineered wood flooring. Here are some of the benefits of installing this engineered wood flooring in your home or office.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood is a composite flooring that is made from several layers of wood fibers that are glued together to form one strong wood composite. There are always 3 to 12 layers of hard and soft wood layers at the bottom and center of engineered wood while the top layer is a hardwood.

The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring Lasts a Long Time

Engineered wood flooring is made to last as long as solid wood flooring. If you maintain the floor well it will provide you with beauty and comfort as well. When the flooring begins to show wear and tear you can clean and varnish it and it will regain its beauty. You can expect it to last for more than 30 years. It also outlasts other inferior choices like laminate flooring.

Friendlier to the Environment

Solid wood flooring must look perfect meaning much of the tree will not be used for flooring planks. With engineered wood because most of the wood will not be seen. There is much less waste. In fact, an engineered wood floor would use less than one third of the trees of a solid wood floor.

Engineered Wood flooring Costs Less Than Solid Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring i much more cost effective than solid wood flooring. You can expect to pay one third less for a high grade engineered wood floor than for a high quality solid wood floor. And of course the floor will look as beautiful, wear better, and last as long also.

Engineered Wood Flooring is More Resistant to Wear and Tear

One of the big challenges with solid wood flooring is that it is sometimes difficult to tell how a wood plank will react when laid on a floor. It can warp or buckle without notice. Engineered wood is a finished product that is easy to care for and has a long warranty against any types of defects.

Less Contraction than Solid Wood Flooring

Because engineered wood is made up of many layers of wood glued together in a way that accounts for spaces that are needed as temperature changes in a room, this type of wood flooring will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring. If you live in an area that is tropical with high temperatures and humidity, the wood sold there will likely be made to remain solid and contract less in the heat. This is one of the great benefits of buying engineered wood flooring, you can choose the characteristics of the flooring that you need based on the location of your home or business.

Wood is Healthy and Feels Good Under Your Feet

There is no floor more beautiful in your home and comfortable to the feet than natural wood and engineered wood is that most comfortable because ifs layers provide a little bounce as well. The flooring will be warmer than the room during the cooler months and cooler during the hottest months as well. Finally it will not attract allergens and is very easy to clean.

For its many benefits engineered wood flooring should be your top flooring choice.


Some might say using a vacuum is the easiest way to clean the floor. But is it? First of all, they are expensive. Second, they need to be charged frequently or wires can annoy you a lot when cleaning the floor itself is an already annoying job. But using brooms is not a good alternative considering their inability to clean small clouds of dust and furs satisfyingly. 

What if there is a Broom That Works Just like a Vacuum?

Here is the broom that I proudly represent, the Broombi. Broombi cleans any mess perfectly and efficiently with a single sweep. This genius item is extremely effective in sweeping up various debris, fine dust, liquids, human hair, pet hair, and broken glass pieces.

If you imagine using brooms, it always leaves dust unswept even after several times of sweeping. But broombi is different. It cleans gooey kitchen messes like an unboiled egg with ease. It even sweeps liquids on the floor perfectly. The best part is that it can clean pet hair on your blanket, cushion, carpet, and elsewhere. 

The reason why this broom can do extraordinary things is that it is a silicon broom designed with a quadruple-layered silicon blade. The special patented frame design directs wind flow to prevent dust particles from escaping the electro-statically activated broom blades.

The Science behind Broombi’s Special Skills

  1. The first blade attracts dust particles with static electricity that activates when rubbing against the floor. The static electricity acts like a magnet, sucking in even the tiniest dust particles. 
  2. The second blade specializes in collecting hair – perfect for pet owners. The second blade layer scrapes out hair and dust particles deeply planted in rugs, carpets, and fabric. 
  3. The third blade sweeps in and attracts the dust and hair that has been scraped out. 
  4. The last blade once again sweeps in the tiniest dust particles that still might exist. With a single sweep, your cleaning results are quadrupled!

Patented Dustpan along with the Broom!

The Broombi Dustpan works in perfect harmony with the smart broom. It includes a patented semi-automatic retractable bin – a unique feature not seen in any other dustpan until now! This addition alone where the dustpan easily “opens and closes” without having to do so manually, frees up your hands and saves your back from constant bending. The Broombi Dustpans’ innovative ergonomic design, with other several “smart features” make cleaning a breeze!

This dust pan solves other problems of average dustpans in the market. Broombi Dustpan’s asymmetrical 0.04 slim edge design enables the Broombi Dustpan to stick to the floor tightly and scrape up liquid contaminants and tiny glass shards with ease. The Broombi Dustpan’s unique design incorporates a 15°retaining wall that prevents any litter from escaping, eliminating the need to sweep up twice.

Plus, it does not let your litter overflow or spill onto the floor before it reaches the trashcan. The smart design incorporates a curved “retaining wall” that enables you to easily remove debris without spilling. The debris in the dustpan is collected to one side and can be dumped into an opening as small as a food jar without spilling.

The Hustle-free Cleaning Set

Not to mention that it is super effective, it is very light. Broombi is lighter than a can of soda (or beer) and easy enough to use with one hand, yet extremely durable. Plus, the adjustable length handle can stretch up to 55” to tackle any job around the house – under beds, couches, and high windows. As a result, Broombi relieves stress on your neck, waist, shoulders, and joints by being able to adjust the length to match your height.

Broombi will provide a wonderful cleaning experience of your life. Observing the dirty messes to be cleaned perfectly with just one sweep is such a beautiful thing. 

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to be difficult. With Broombi, you don’t need numerous refills of wipes and worry about some dust being redistributed again. 

Efficient, Economical and Durable

The Broombi Ver. 2 patented design works “magically” by utilizing the magnetizing power of static electricity created from the quadruple blade design to clean and capture all dust particles. Moreover, since it is made from high-performance materials that can handle high heat and low temperatures, it is long-lasting. The average cost of cleaning products increases mainly due to the short life span of brooms and other disposables. With a durable non-slip handle and no disposable or replacement parts, Broombi will last for years and this amounts to hundreds of dollars saved and a great reduction in disposable waste products.

Get Broombi at a Discounted Price Now on Kickstarter

The Broombi Ver. 2 is on Kickstarter. This is the chance you can get it at a lower price than the retail. Hurry up and be an early bird backer.

When you have designs on becoming a mom later in life, how easy do you think it will be?

Waiting to have a child down the road could pay off for you for a variety of reasons.

So, is motherhood later in your life what you want?

What Are Some Advantages in Having a Child Later?

If looking at being a mom down the road, here are some things to think about and how it may be helpful to wait longer:

1. Being more mature – There is no doubt people mature at different ages. That said you may find that waiting to be a mom later in life will be beneficial to you. You may find you are not emotionally ready to have a child at an earlier point in your life for a variety of reasons. By waiting to your 30’s or even once you are into your 40’s, the maturity level may be different than a decade or so earlier. You may also have picked up some tips on being an older Mom as time passes.

2. Being more established – Don’t gloss over the importance of being able to afford having a child. According to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average cost of raising a child today in America through their 17th birthday is around $234,000. So, you want to sit down and crunch the numbers before moving forward with getting pregnant. If money is tight and you think it will continue to be for a while, having a child may be something you decide not to do. In the event money is not a big issue to you and you expect that to continue, having a kid could be in the plans for you. If working now, you may decide to further establish your career. That is to a point where you hope to be in a better financial position before having a child.

3. Being a mom already – Do you have any children now? If so, having had the experience or experiences of raising kids can work to your advantage. You will have a better sense of what to expect. That is than being a first-time mom at a later age. Having motherhood in your life already means you know the time and effort that go into raising a child. You have a good sense of those 3 a.m. and related wake-up sessions when your child wants you. You have a good idea of what it is to eat for two for 9 months. Those and other experiences will be in your mind now should you choose to get pregnant later in life.

4. Being supplied with help at home – In the event you wait to be a mom once again later in life, you could have help at home. Having a child or children at home old enough to help you care for your baby can be a wonderful thing. It gets to the point where they almost become another parent around the home. Assuming your partner is there with you, they may be at a point career-wise where they are better able to help you out.

When deciding on having a child later in life, you may find it to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM’ is a straightforward and practical systemized drum, allowing users to master the art of drumming just by playing rhythm games. As soon as you get a grip on how to catch that moment of the color bar touching the red line, you are all set to becoming a master of drums.

Learn Drumming with a Rhythm Game

The ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ is based on a rhythm game. After selecting a song, you would like to play, the color bar appears on the screen. Then just play the color bars to the beat and rhythm of the falling color bar. It can be easily understood visually and learn the sense of beat and rhythm.

The snares and high/ low/ floor toms, not easy to differentiate in real drums, were designed with coloring mesh-pads according to the ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ software. Simply play with the dropping bar’s colors. You can see yourself mastering drums, as you just enjoy ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM’ as a rhythm game.

Interactive Lessons for Beginners

Not to mention how interesting it is, it is also very smart. Users that have never played on the drum before can start from the basics with interactive lessons. With the cost of MOPLAY, only the half of average mesh electric drums, every lessoning content can be used for free and unlimited. This feature is very economical and, with is lessons recorded in 7 different languages, anyone can learn how to drum hassle-free.

Moreover, you can even drum on quiet nights. With the earbuds provided in the package, you can drum on without upsetting your family or neighbors with noise complaints. You can drum on all night long.

Personalized Set-up System

The critical point of the ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ is that drummers can adjust their difficulty and speed to their likings. It is installed with Easy, Normal, Hard (3 different problems), and 1, 2, 4, 8X note speeds (4-speed levels). MOPLAY’s set-up allows drummers to enjoy this function from beginners, drummers seeking improvement, and even professional drummers. 

Skill Improvements with Ranking Systems

After you drum a song, you can check your ranking and scores. These drumming scoring systems trigger the desire to achieve and challenging. Check your drumming skills objectively with live rankings and become a pro by competing with other drummers. For each level is broken through, you will be able to see your level of improvement.

Monthly Song Updates

The ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ comes with popular songs from various genres like Pop, Rock, etc. ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ will be providing monthly song updates (10 pieces) even after the campaign comes to a close. Feel the sensation of drumming alongside your favorite band!


You can find it on the Kickstarter. It launched on 28th of Sept. If you get it faster you can pledge for ‘SUPER EARLY BIRD’ which will be 14% off the retail price! As MOPLAY SMART DRUM has developed itself step by step through various crowdfunding platforms, I bet this brand-new version will satisfy your needs! 

How would you rate your video game experiences as being on a scale of great to average to bad?

If they could be better more times than not, what might you do to make things better?

By having the best experiences time and time again, you can get even more enjoyment out of video gaming.

So, where might one or more changes need to come?

Don’t Let Gaming Equipment Be the Problem

In looking at your gaming equipment, are you happy with how it serves you each time you play?

From a first-rate headset to the best gaming mouse pad and more, you want equipment to deliver each time you play. If you have too many hiccups with equipment, chances are you won’t have the fun you seek when sitting down to play.

As part of your effort to find the best equipment and accessories, it never hurts to head on over to the Internet.

Once online, you can do the following:

  • Gaming equipment websites – You get a better sense of what is out there in gaming websites. See what different pieces of equipment are, what they cost, how they are rated and more.
  • See what gaming experts say – It is also wise to go online and check out gaming experts and their two cents. That can be from people covering the gaming industry on a regular basis. You can visit their blogs, videos, podcasts and more.
  • Find out what other gamers say – Take the time to also find out what other gamers have to say. That is how they meet their equipment needs. You can find such individuals on gaming apps, social media sites, gaming forums and more.

The bottom line is to be the best informed consumer you can be and buy the equipment that will matter the most.

Do You Not Have a Well-Rounded Set of Video Games?

You may be someone who finds playing the same one or two video games over and over again as not that big of a deal.

That said would it not be more fun to have a well-rounded set of video games with which to select from?

You can cover many bases that include things like sports, crime and mystery, combat and so much more. Having such diversity will likely give you more enjoyment playing.

Finally, who might you be playing against more times than not?

Even though competing against the machine is an option, would it not be more fun to go up against other people?

If you said yes, take the time to find some other people to compete with.

You can compete against others in your home or extended family if they are into video gaming.

There is also the possibility you have some friends and co-workers who’ve taken a liking to gaming over time.

Finally, use some gaming apps that allow you to connect with other gamers all over.

When it comes to video gaming, enjoy it all you can and never be lacking for fun.

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. Rainy weather can undoubtedly dampen your spirits if you were planning a beach day, hike or picnic, though. When the weather turns, most of us are at a loss on how to keep ourselves entertained. Rather than let nature rain on your parade, here are a few ideas of things to do when it’s wet out. 

Get Some Retail Therapy 

Heading to the mall can be an entertaining experience if you’re in the right frame of mind. 

Even if you’re on a budget, there’s plenty to do. If people-watching, window shopping and those ever-alluring free samples aren’t enough to get you going, the mouth-watering smells wafting from the food court certainly will!

Find Your Inner Chef 

Take a cooking class. Better yet, enlist a couple of friends to join you on your culinary quest. At the very least, you’ll get to spend quality time with your crew and can end the class with sampling your tasty new recipe complete with complementary a glass of wine.

Organize Your Life 

While the rain might have laid waste to your camping plans, it doesn’t have to mean a waste of your time. 

Get stuck into all those things at home that you’ve been putting off forever. Clean out your closet, your desk, under the bed and also the pantry. Find organized spaces for the clutter. The sense of achievement will be well worth the effort!

You can even donate your old items to charity or sell them online to bankroll your next shopping spree.

Pamper Yourself 

There is nothing as rejuvenating as a spa day. Everyone needs a treat every once in a while. If you’re on a tight budget, you can set up your own mini spa at home using ingredients from your kitchen. You can even call a friend over and give each other massages. Who says a spa day has to cost an arm and a leg! 

Host an Impromptu Video Game Contest 

Let your inner competitive streak out and have a bunch of friends over to fight for the title of supreme champion of, well, almost anything that takes your fancy. Video games are gaining popularity as an entertaining activity to do at home. Even if video games aren’t really your thing, a little playful competition and smack talk between friends is so much fun!

Get Your Glide On  

Ice-skating shouldn’t just be relegated to an old favourite childhood pastime. Trick yourself into getting some exercise while you and your friends attempt to stay upright around the rink. You’ll go home with rosy cheeks and a sore belly from laughing so hard. (Yes, maybe you’ll even take a few bruises home with you too.)

Get Baking 

There’s nothing like the smell of yummy goodies baking in the oven. Comfort food is essential on rainy days, and what can be more comforting than a batch of fresh, gooey, chocolatey cookies? 

Indulge Your Inner Bookworm 

Most of us have that one book that we’ve been meaning to get to. If your friends aren’t available to keep you company, why not take some me-time and get some reading done? 

If you don’t have a specific book in mind, anything from the self-improvement section is a super productive way to pass the time

Find Your Inner Artist 

Sign up for an art class. Painting with wine nights are extremely popular and thankfully don’t require a high level of expertise. Sip your way to a new skill and even leave with a new piece of art for your living room wall.

Don’t Let the Rain Dampen Your Day

No matter where you are, whether you are on a budget or not, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in rainy weather. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration, imagination, and some motivation to transform your failed fair weather plans into a magical rainy day.

Being a business owner means you wear a lot of different hats. It also means you have many responsibilities you must handle on a regular basis.

That said one of the big tasks you find yourself doing is getting the right people in the right positions.

So that you can be right many more times than not, how do you go about hiring new talent?

Take Your Time and Research Who is Out There

In doing all you can to get the right hires, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Using the Internet – Going online is not a bad idea when it comes to looking to fill positions at your business. For example, if you run a business in the United Kingdom, you can do a background check on a person but up to a certain point. Know that doing a UK criminal record check online does come with some limitations. Whether in the UK, U.S. or elsewhere, do research. That is before a criminal record check to see what kind of info you may be able to gather. Another possibility is to enter the candidate’s full name in on social media sites and see what comes up. While people do have a right to post comments and imagery on social media, they should do so in a respectful manner. If you find a candidate with questionable posts, it may lead you to look to someone else to hire.
  2. Offering good jobs – Given you want the best and brightest folks you can get, you have to offer them something. So, how good of a job are you doing when it comes to putting worthwhile jobs on the table? That means a competitive salary, benefits if required to, the ability to move up the ladder at work and so on. Few people will want to apply for what they perceive to be dead-end jobs. By shining a good light on your business, you more times than not can get top employees to come and check you out.
  3. See what competition is doing – It never hurts to see how your competition goes on hiring talent. You may be able to pick up a few tips on how they bring in people and keep them there for years to come. Are they offering better salaries and benefits? How much room is there to grow at their places of business? Do they provide employees with flexible working conditions? Knowing such things can help you as you seek more talent.
  4. Be upfront with prospects – You want prospects being upfront with you. That is on what they feel their long-range work plans are. In turn, it is good for you to do the same with them. Let people coming to you for interviews know where you see your business going in the years to come. That can help prospects have a better sense of if your business would be right for them. This also allows for both sides to not waste each other’s time if not a good fit.

In hiring the right people for your business, how confident are you that you’re getting the best of the best?

Being a good consumer often means you find the goods or services you need and you save some money in the process.

With that in mind, are there actions you would be wise to take so you can become a better consumer moving ahead?

By being the best consumer, you can feel better about your shopping needs now and moving ahead.

What Role Can the Internet Play?

According to Invesp, America leads the world in average revenue per online shopper, coming in at $1,804. The United Kingdom ranks second at $1,629.

So, it may be a case of where you’ve done some online shopping but not much or you do a good deal of shopping over the Internet.

In shopping online, know that you can find most goods and services you have an interest in.

For instance, are you into video gaming or looking to begin playing anytime soon? If yes, much of your needs for equipment and accessories can be met online.

So, if in search of the best headset for Xbox series X or similar items, odds are you will find all the info online. That is on which headset will best meet your needs and how to order it.

You can also find info you need when searching for consoles, gaming mice, gaming lamps and much more.

At the end of the day, you can pretty much order all your gaming needs from the comfort of your home or office.

Also look to the Internet to better educate you on items and brands.

By becoming more educated, there is less chance you will end up buying the wrong items or overpaying.

Know When Best to Shop

Are you good at knowing when the best times are to shop?

Unfortunately, some folks spend too much money because they went after an item at the wrong time.

For example, many auto dealers have sales during specific holidays. They may also do sales when looking to later in the year move current inventory for new vehicles. These would be good times to consider buying your next car or truck.

Another example of knowing best when to shop is the times you need to go to the grocery store.

In the event you go shopping with a big appetite, odds are you will end up spending more money. The hunger you feel can translate into you spending added dollars that you may be able to use elsewhere.

You should also network with outside family and friends in your efforts to be a smart consumer.

Some of the people in your inner circle may be aware of sales. 

These would be sales involving brands you like and benefit from. If you miss some of the sales alerts, a family member or friend could tip you off. Do the same for them and this networking can lead to savings and more for all involved.

Yes, being a better consumer should be something that catches your attention.

In doing all you can to win as a consumer, where will your focus turn to?