Finding the right entertainment for your life does not have to be a big challenge if you know where to look.

That said you should have some different options in front of you to keep you entertained for the most part.

Whether watching TV or movies at home, going out with family and friends or a day trip, you can keep busy.

So, where do you go for entertainment?

What’s Available to You at Home?

In looking for entertainment at home, here are a few options:

1. TV and movies – If you like watching TV and movies, you should have no problem finding plenty to entertain you. In fact, you can check out what is new on Netflix this month. The streaming service continues to attract viewers wanting both classic and original programming. You can watch such shows on your own or invite family or friends over. The nice thing about Netflix or other such services is you watch shows whenever. If you have children at home, there should be plenty of viewing hours for them too. This is good for keeping your children occupied when home.

2. Dinner parties – When was the last time you had friends over for a dinner party? Although it is some work on your part, having those you care about over for a nice meal can be a lot of fun. If you opt for such a thing, be sure to plan things in advance. Get a head count of about how many people plan on showing up. From there, come up with a meal plan. If you do not feel like cooking up a storm, you could choose to have the event catered. Don’t be afraid to ask those coming to bring a little something to help out with the meal plans.

3. Pool party – If you have a pool in the backyard, how about throwing a pool party? You want to take advantage of those summer months if you live in a climate where winters can be tough. That said set aside a weekend day and invite outside family and friends over. When you have kids at home, this is a great opportunity for them to invite some of their closest friends over. With any pool party, be sure to focus on safety. This is even more the case when children are around.

In looking for entertainment outside of the home, consider some options:

1. Day trip – When was the last time you were on a day trip? Getting away for a little R&R is always a good thing. Whether you go to a familiar spot or somewhere new, the time away gives you a chance to recharge your battery.

2. Sporting event – If you like sports, when was the last time you were at a game? A day at the park or arena gives you a chance to cheer on your favorites. If you have children, this can be even better. Having a sport or sports to share with your child can be a great thing as he or she gets older.

3. History – Whether close to home or making a bit of a drive, find some history to enjoy. You can be both educated and entertained at the same time when learning about the past.

No matter where you go for entertainment, find what makes you happy.

Do you have to think for a while when it was your family last had a getaway? If you said yes, there’s a good chance it has been a while since your last trip.

With that in mind, is the time coming up where you and your immediate loved ones need to get away?

If needing a trip, where are you thinking of going?

Whether you stay close to home or go far away, a family getaway can be a lot of fun.

So, is it time to start planning?

Where Would You Like to Go?

In deciding where you and your family may want to go, first look at the options.

If money is a factor, you may want to stay closer to where you live. This can cut down on airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and more.

So, if you live in the Southern California area or not far away, would a day or weekend trip to Disneyland appeal?

One of the most famous theme parks going, Disneyland has entertained many over time. As such, it is not a surprise it remains one of the top attractions to this day.

Now, if money is an issue, don’t fret.

You can go online and search for Disneyland tickets at the right price for you.

With Disneyland, your children can enjoy rides, shows, characters in costume and more.

If you want to include Disneyland as part of your vacation, you could see a lot in one day. Remember, you can still go back at another point and time.

If thinking about a week-long journey, Disneyland and others could still be options.

For example, you may want to also get some beach time in or a trip to the mountains.

No matter where you decide to go, make sure fun is the order of the day (see more below).

Don’t Ruin a Trip by Stressing

When the time comes for you and your family to take your trip; don’t ruin it by stressing over different things.

For example, are you someone who has trouble getting away from your job? If so, the last thing you want to do is be thinking work when you are to be enjoying family time.

Do your best to get as much work done as possible before you head out on your journey. This will lessen the chances of you checking emails or phone calls to the office or clients on vacation.

If money tends to stress you out, do your best to leave those worries behind too.

When you take the time search for savings on your vacation, you have one less thing to worry about.

Last, get some ideas about your next vacation from the one you will be taking now.

See what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to how much you pay for theme parks, hotels, food and more. This will help you better plan your next adventure.

If your family needs a getaway to break the daily grind, what are you waiting for?

Jamaica is one of the most exciting and desired island destinations in the Caribbean. It is a country with a storied history and diverse culture, and people that it has contributed to the world for centuries. For instance, today, Jamaica is the home to Reggae, one of the most popular forms of music in the world, Reggae; the country of Usain Bolt and Shelly Ann Fraser, fastest man and woman in the world, and their local food is regarded in many circles as some of the tastiest in the world.

This island country with a population of 2.8 million people, has a stable democratically elected government, is low in crime and prides itself on inviting visitors from all over the world.  Jamaica is the third most populated English speaking country in the Americas, after the US and Canada and it remains to this day, a British Commonwealth.

Jamaica has a very interesting population. There is considerable mixing creating a very homogeneous society. This has caused very interesting culture, music and food in the country that is unique to the Caribbean.

Jamaica’s Weather

Jamaica has tropical temperatures meaning humid and hot weather at its lower altitudes and a more temperate climate at higher altitudes. The weather is hot year round, humidity is high with respite from the heat only after sun down or when the winds blow off the Caribbean Sea. There is a rainy season and the chance of hurricanes in the late summer and fall. The average temperatures are 75c Fahrenheit (24°C) in January and 82°F or (27°C) in August. Any time is a great time to come but the months of June through August are definitely the most crowded so if you intend to visit during these months book early.

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

Jamaica has several high quality tourist areas and all are located right on the water. Each area has a wide range of accommodations for the very low end, to great resorts and at the top end in terms of quality are the villa rentals available on the island. A villa rental in Jamaica is surprisingly affordable and can likely accommodate your whole group.

Of the top vacation spots on the island each is set up to accommodate tourists with all-inclusive resorts, a great nightlife and lots of activities including water and adventure sports.

Montego Bay

On the northwestern coast of the island is Montego Bay, which is the country’s largest area of beach resorts. This is also one of Jamaica’s two largest ports for cruise ships.  Although many who come to Jamaica will select their resort and think about its location on the island later, many aim specifically for Montego Bay because of its vibrancy, abundant activities and non-stop nightlife. The city is filled with all levels of accommodations with of course the most beautiful being the private villas that can be rented for small or large groups.

There is great shopping in town and the town has the best food on the island along with non-stop music played everywhere. There is access to the best golf courses in the entire Caribbean, and horseback riding in addition to every watersport imaginable. There are also tours which includes Montego Bay’s most famous attraction, the Rose Hall Plantation which is supposedly haunted. Montego Bay has its own airport and most visitors will land here before they are off to their final destination city, but as mentioned that final destination is most often Montego Bay.


On the western tip of Jamaica the land is uncharacteristically dry. However, in this area is situated one of Jamaica’s most popular resort areas Negril. This area has become famous for its wild and free reputation. The area has several nudist beaches and attracts many young singles looking for lots of fun and sun. In terms of sun, Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is one of the longest beaches to be found anywhere in the Caribbean. Partying is the order of the day or night. The local food is excellent but not gourmet, and you will definitely leave the area with wild memories and one of a kind fun experiences.

Ocho Rios

The second most popular destination is Ocho Rios which sits on a beautiful deep water harbor and also offers a teeming set of beaches and other tourist area.  The North Coast where Ocho Rios is located has sharply sloping topography, the perfect scenery for panoramic public gardens and breathtaking waterfalls that pop up throughout the area. Ocho Rios certainly is a welcoming area but is smaller than Montego Bay and can get a bit crowded depending on the season. The area also has great Reggae concerts throughout the year. Many choose to say in nearby Runaway Bay because of it offers great beaches and is much less crowded.


Ocho Rios is also a scenic drive from the country’s capital Kingston and the center of government, and commerce here. It is also the home of the legendary Reggae artist Bob Marely. Kingston is also the cultural capital of Jamaica and has many museums and galleries featuring the world of many famous Jamaican artists and writers. The nightlife in Kingston is also the best in Jamaica with several jazz and reggae clubs, upscale supper clubs and even English theater in town. You can visit Spanish Town to see older Jamaican architecture and experience the sleepier side of the island.

The Blue Mountains

If you are up for a beautiful scenic drive, just North of Kingston are the famous Blue Mountains. You can take winding roads that go up high in the hills and down in the valleys and are covered by lush and beautiful vegetation. This is where Jamaica’s famous coffee is grown. The best way to see them is to book a tour because the roads are in bad shape and getting turned around is easy.

Wherever you choose to stay on the island or even if you choose to travel around to several cities, you will enjoy the great hospitality and one of a kind atmosphere this unique island nation has to offer. Bring the entire family and have a great time in Jamaica.

Finding things to keep you entertained does not have to be the biggest challenge you face in life.

That said what forms of entertainment do you tend to go with?

From movies and TV to sporting events and more, you should have many things to select from.

So, what do you do for entertainment?

Do You Know what is on TV and the Internet?

If watching television shows and movies is a must for you, do you know what’s new on Netflix?

In the event you were not aware, Netflix has a whole host of offerings each month.

From some of the latest series to trips down memory lane, you can see some great TV shows streamed right to you.

If movies are your things, there are a whole host of movies waiting for your viewing pleasure.

No matter your choices, you will not find boredom to be an issue.

You can also watch such shows and movies on your mobile device. Doing so gives you some more flexibility as where you want to view the stuff.

Take time to see what Netflix has to offer. When you do, there’s a good chance you will want more.

Do You Get Out Often?

While watching TV shows and movies can be great entertainment, get out of your home on a regular basis.

With that in mind, do you get out all that often?

There are a myriad of ways you can find the entertainment you are looking for outside of your home.

Among some choices to ponder:

· Concerts – Look around to see which concerts are playing near you. You may well find a band or bands that you’ve wanted to hear for a while now. As such, you can look for tickets online for them. Once you have your ticket in hand, get set for an awesome show no matter who the artist is.

· Sports – If you like sports, about how many games do you get to each year? Baseball, basketball, football, hockey and more could be waiting for you at any moment. The earlier you get your tickets, the better chance you have of scoring the seat or seats you want. And if you have a rooting interest in one of the teams you are going to see, be sure to cheer them on.

· History – Going to see historical places can be quite rewarding. You not only learn about history, but you can pass such learning on to your children if you have them. Do some research to see what kinds of historical offerings there are near you. You can also consider such activities if you are traveling.

· Family – Last, do you ever stop to think that your own family can be quite entertaining in their own right? When you have children, they will serve up hours of entertainment. Sure, they may well get on your nerves at times, but this is an expectation when one is a parent.

In seeing if you do have enough entertainment in your life, will you be happy with the answer you arrive at?

With all that you have going on in your life, where does eating healthy rank when it comes to importance?

Far too many individuals end up grabbing whatever food at whatever time they can. In the process, their bodies fail to get the needed daily nutrients. When this happens, health issues can crop up.

That said there are steps you can take today to start eating healthier.

The question is, will you take those steps or keep meandering down the path of unhealthy eating you appear to be on?

Change Your Eating Habits Beginning Today

For you to get on the road to better eating habits beginning today, remember these three keys:

1. What is a typical day like for you? – First, what is a typical day like in your life? Do you set aside time to make sure you eat three healthy meals each day? If not, are you getting whatever food you can and hoping it will suffice? Take the time to make what you eat today worth your while. For example, did you have a good breakfast on your way out the door this morning? Too many individuals fail this all-important task. As a result, it can leave them sluggish and in for a long day ahead. Make sure you start your day on the right foot when it comes to food. Do the same on your lunch break to help you make it through the work day or school. Once home and unwinding, be sure to have a good meal. You may throw in some snacks during the day. While this is fine, do your best to enjoy some healthy snacks like fruits and nuts. The better you treat your body, the better in turn it will treat you.

2. Do you have time to prepare meals? – If your work life or attending school means you have little or no time to prepare meals, where does this leave you? For some, it can mean not eating the right foods. If this sounds like you, this is where it would be worth your time to have Blue Apron meals reviewed. Blue Apron and other meal delivery services help when you do not have time or expertise to make good meals. When you work with a meal delivery service, it can provide you with well-balanced meals. If you are a vegan or have special health considerations, a meal delivery service can work with you. If preparing meals is not something you do on a regular basis, letting the pros do it makes sense.

3. Steer clear of bad food – Although many folks do have fast food or junk food on a regular basis, do not make it a habit. With that in mind, do your best to avoid making fast food and junk food a daily staple of your diet. If you don’t, you could end up with different health issues. Two of the more common ones would be being overweight and having heart issues. 

In doing all you can to eat healthier, are you digesting what you need to do for a better diet starting today?

You’ve thought about the benefits, weighed the pros and cons, and you’ve decided that college prep is the right choice for your child. Now comes the part you’ve been worrying about – the application process. Seen by some as a precursor to the college admittance process, getting into a college preparatory school comes with its pitfalls and challenges. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the admission process a little less stressful and increase your odds of getting the answer you’re hoping for.

1. Do Your Research

This is a big decision, so take your time and do your homework. You want to make sure the school has the things you and your child are looking for. Does it focus on a well-rounded child? Are arts a priority? What is the community like? The more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right choice for your child.

2. Get the Letters

College prep is about more than just academics – it’s about creating well-rounded individuals. The school will look to recommendation letters to get an idea of what your child is like academically and socially. As such a significant part of the process, make these a priority early on. Find the teachers or coaches that know your child personally and will speak well of them both socially and academically. And get started soon: writing a good letter takes time, and you want to make sure you get them all in before the deadline.

3. Be Punctual

Speaking of deadlines, check them. Double-check them. Recheck them. These are not flexible dates. Get your application (and all the transcripts and recommendation letters) in as soon as they’re done, not when it’s down to the wire.

4. Be Honest

Of course, you want your child to get into college prep, but you also want it to be the right place for them. Don’t fudge the details to make your child seem like a better applicant; it’s easy to see through and ultimately will backfire. Instead, let your child’s unique skills and personality shine through in all the answers (and particularly their essay). The right school will appreciate your child for exactly who they are.

5. Focus on the Essay

The essay is a vital part of the application process: it lets your child have their voice and express their thoughts and opinions. College prep schools take these very seriously, and so should you. Read over the topic thoroughly, and have your child think about their answer. Review their rough drafts and help them with their grammar; after all, you want the essay to put your child’s best face forward.

6. Nail the Interview

Generally, college prep schools ask for an interview before making their decision. Most schools consider the in-person interview to be critical, so make it your priority to do this in-person if at all possible. The interview is the perfect time for your child to shine. If they’re nervous, you can do practice interviews with them to set them at ease. You want your child to feel confident, prepared, and ready to take on the world. The right attitude can make or break a college prep school interview, so make sure your child is prepared for anything.

The Philippines is considered by many to be one of the top retirement destinations in the world. You can take a dollar much further than anywhere else, and still experience comfort and convenience. There are of course pros and cons to retiring in any foreign country. Things are not always as you expect them to be, or as you have become accustomed to growing up. We will discuss a few different things you might need to know about retiring in the Philippines. 

Cost of living 

The cost of living in the Philippines is amazingly low. Although of course how low depends on how native you want to get. Most people that decide to retire to the Philippines can manage to do it on their minimum Social Security check and live quite well. Of course if you decide to live in an expat area, it may be a little more expensive to live among your peers. Housing can range from local rooms running about $100 a month, too full size luxury houses that rent for thousands. You can figure that you can get a very nice place to live for $400 a month in a nice area. Wherever you live, you can still decorate it and make it look like you want it to be. Housing is definitely affordable. If you wish to live out in the province more, away from the city, you can get bigger and nicer places for much less. We tend to like to be near the city. 


Overall the Philippines is fairly safe. We have traveled all over and have never had a problem. Of course you must also use common sense and logic. You can get robbed anywhere in the world, even back home, if you don’t pay attention. In major cities like Cebu or Manila you are very safe. Just remember that you’re a bigger target than you normally would be. You’re a foreigner, and most Filipinos think all foreigners are rich. So just use your brain and be careful.

There has been a large crack down on crime recently, especially drugs and corruption, so things are getting even safer. Just use your head 


Healthcare in the Philippines is fine, though it may not be the same as you experience back home. In the main cities, and the main hospitals, you can receive first class care. However out in the provinces, don’t expect too much. The system is very different in the Philippines, but the expenses are also much less. We went to a local doctor and the cost for the doctor’s visit was about $10. A CAT scan is about $200, compared to $5,000 in Los Angeles. You may get last year’s model machine, but it still does the job. We advise getting travel insurance however, as that will cover any larger and more critical injuries. A good travel insurance will also stick you on a plane back home for things that cannot be dealt with in the Philippines. It’s quite a shock sometimes to realize that the cost of everything including a hospital visit is still less than the deductible you would pay back in the USA.

Traffic and Roads 

Probably one of the worst things to deal with in the Philippines is the traffic. The infrastructure is completely different than you would experience back home. You just have to settle down and get used to it. It is not uncommon to take a taxi 10 miles and have it take over an hour. Sometimes you wonder if you could walk faster. Taxis can also be expensive, but as a foreigner they are still your best bet. You might have to get used to the occasional power outage, or water shortage, but with a little bit of preparation it’s not so bad. 

Retiring in the Philippines is definitely a possibility. Even with a minimum Social Security payment, there is still enough room to hire a maid, or a cook. So while in the United States you might have a hard time making ends meet with a minimum Social Security payment, in the Philippines you can live quite well and even have domestic help. In all of our travels, it is the one we would choose for retirement. As an added bonus, almost everybody in the Philippines speaks English. Good luck on your retirement.

You may have heard the expression medical tourism bandied around many times in the past. But what actually is medical tourism? Medical tourism is going to another country to have a procedure performed at a much reduced rate than the home country. There are pros and cons to this, and you have to decide for yourself what is worth it and what isn’t. We bring you a list of some things for your consideration. 


Generally, the foremost reason why people go with medical tourism is cost. Sometimes the difference in cost is quite amazing. For example: A dental crown in Los Angeles can cost $800 to $1,000, in the Philippines or India that will cost $100 to $150 with a western train dentist. You can still get it much cheaper than that but you’re taking a lot of risks then. You have to remember though that like anywhere in the world all doctors are different. There are dentists in the United States that are terrible and will mess your teeth up, just like there are dentists overseas that will do the same. So look at reviews and ask around. 

Elective procedures 

Most insurance in the United States does not cover elective procedures. These are things to make you feel better or look better. These procedures don’t have a life-threatening aspect to them. If you want plastic surgery, it’s going to cost you. So jumping back to our first point, cost is an issue. A good rule of thumb for elective surgery, such as liposuction, between the United States and a country such as Thailand, is you will be paying 30% of the cost that you would pay in the USA. 


People often have worries of health safety in other countries, but if you choose a top hospital or clinic, and have checked it’s reviews, then this is usually not a problem. Many doctors and dentist are western trained. The facilities are up-to-date and clean. Medical tourism is a business, and they want to do the best they possibly can so they can get continuing business. Obviously, if you go to a smaller Hospital it will not have the same quality or level as the larger hospitals that are familiar with medical tourism. Just like the USA or anywhere, do your research. Check out the doctors and the hospitals that you will choose as you will be putting your life in their hands. 

If things go wrong 

Unfortunately, things can go wrong in any medical procedure. This is one of the main reasons that you need to do research to make sure you are selecting the best professional you can. There is not too much you can do. One of the reasons the hospitals and doctors in the USA are so expensive is the amount of insurance they carry for litigation when patients to sue them. Good luck trying to sue a doctor in india. Your choices are to fly back to the country and have them fix it, or go to a local doctor to fix it instead. Local doctors can cost you a lot more than you originally paid depending how badly things have gone wrong. It’s a gamble, but remember, things go wrong in the USA too. Do your research. 


Depending on what procedure you will be doing, some hospitals that cater to medical tourism are like staying in a luxury hotel, with a nurse on staff to check you. Thailand has some hospitals that you would mistake for a high-level Hotel. If you can get the time off to travel and get some medical procedures done, very often the price of the whole vacation, including the travel and the medical procedure, will be half the price of the procedure alone back home. 

Medical tourism is great, as long as you understand its limits. You have to do your research like you would with any hospital or doctor back home. Check reviews, and anything anybody else says about them. You can get world class attention and medical treatment with medical tourism, as long as you do your research. In the last 10 years I don’t think we have had any dental procedures done in the United States, we have always had them done as we travel, and we have never regretted it yet. Just remember this is your life so make the effort to do the research.